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Montalbo Nursery and Primary School Garden Project

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

A great Testimonial from the Head Teacher...

Before the work began.....

23rd May 2017

Testimonial for Mrs Abi Smith

I have been working with Abi since September on a large school garden project after she volunteered to help the school. The project is quite complex and Abi has managed it, deciding to split the work into 3 distinct phases : a plan that has worked well.

Abi has many attributes that she has demonstrated to date. She is able to form strong relationships with funders, contractors, volunteers and school staff to pursue a common goal. She is very organised and has arranged a number of site visits and meetings. She is able to work to tight deadlines, as shown when completing complex funding applications.

Good communication skills have been very important throughout this project. Abi discusses key points with me and ensures that she understands even the smallest details. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills and Abi keeps me well-informed before any decisions are made, either through emails or meetings arranged at school.

Abi has demonstrated very good financial acumen. She has worked closely with funders to understand the funding criteria and check exactly what is needed for a positive application. Abi ensures that the funds are in place and negotiates hard with contractors to ensure we get a good deal, often consulting with several businesses before choosing the right one.

A major quality of Abi’s is her tenaciousness. Without her driving this project on, it is very likely that this project would not have taken off, certainly not in the near future. She is very passionate about making a difference and sets herself and others goals and timescales to ensure the project keeps moving forward.

I cannot thank Abi enough for the work she has done in her own time. She has worked many, many hours on this project which has made a huge difference to the aesthetics of the school grounds and more importantly, the opportunities it provides for our children. So from myself, Governors, staff and children: thank you!

Yours faithfully

Mr C Minikin

Head Teacher

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