Throughout my career it has become clear that my passion and enthusiasm lies within finding projects and making them happen.

This has been the case for each business that I have worked for over the years along with the many businesses that I have worked

For whilst working within an accountancy practice.


If there is a grant to find,

I will find it. 


If there is a way I can help I will help.

Never a shy bairn but always a professional one I have teamed great finance and business knowledge to offer services that businesses

really need.

To mention setting up in business is a powerful speech – a proud moment for me and a transition that has felt very smooth as I have always been so passionate and committed to my clients.


After having two sons (Tommy 6 and George 1) I decided it was the right time and with the support of many people that I have worked with over the years, I threw myself in.  A balancing act at times to stay true to my aim which was to spend more time with my children, I can say that I am doing what I love. 

In an ode to powerful women in business GEM stands for Gwyneth Edith Maureen, a sentimental note to a woman I fiercely respected.

Gwyneth would have told me to go for it, as did her daughter, my mother  - who is also in business.

To any woman underestimating herself – no matter what is holding you back – trust yourself.


On a personal note, I am a farmers daughter and absolutely love being outside.  I live in Barnard Castle – a beautiful place but I would still choose a shack in a field and be closer to nature!


My husband and I own a camper van (Ernie) which is a make I do not think anyone else in the UK under 70yrs old owns!

I love outdoor time with my boys and we spend most of our extra time either at Hamsterley Forest in in the woods by the river in Barnard Castle.

I am a down to earth person who just loves helping businesses grow.

my passion and enthusiasm lies within finding projects and making them happen.

Abi Smith