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Investing  in the Future of your Business

GEM Finance is a business that has gained extensive knowledge for 19 years in the field of finance.

A mix of practice and industry experience along with grants & funding specialism for 7years both within an Enterprise Agency and also providing it successfully as an additional service within an accountancy practice.

GEM Finance is extremely passionate about business and goes the extra mile to support all of its clients.

We can help you find grants/funding for your business, as well as providing bid-writing support and application management.  We want to provide a service that is right for you and your business, as much or as little support as you need depending on your in-house abilities.

Do you plan on the following:

  • Creating any jobs?

  • Investing in machines/capital/new project?

  • Will your project support business growth?

If there is a grant to find, I will find it.  If there is a way I can help I will help.

Grants & Funding

This is such a large field which changes goalposts very often along with having different objectives for different geographical areas.  We are knowledgeable in this area, not only with the format but the application and claims process.

Driving Growth

Business growth can be described in many ways.

To us, each business is individual, with unique objectives, goals and ambitions.  GEM finance wants to help each business reach their goals.

Initial Funding Appraisal

This is based on £150 and covers an initial meeting along with research to find any appropriate grants/funding to take your project forwards.

All contacts/application details are passed to you at this stage.

Funding/Development Support

This is based on £40 per hour - honest pay for honest time.  No Commissions, Nothing hidden.

I can provide full application management from the beginning or light tough if you have the skills inhouse to provide the main core of the bid.  Whatever is right and best for your business.

This could be any of the following:

  • Funding application support/management

  • Forecasting & Financials

  • Business Development Support

  • Funding claims support/management

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